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Gestione in cloud

Your information
managed and organized ...
with a click!

Gestione in cloud: what is it?

This is an innovative business management system designed to coordinate all the functions of your company and beyond, totally in cloud.

Gestione in cloud is the scalable solution that gets where you need it.

It is a custom-made ERP that responds to the most complex needs related to each business function:

  • Administration and finance
  • Business management
  • Active and passive cycle
  • Logistics and warehouse
  • Sales and marketing
  • Production

The software simplifies and quickens the documents’ saving and retrieve, thanks to the automated REPOSITORY of files from your scans and the saving by E-mails. The cloud allows a spread and shared use of documents, regardless of where the user is or what device he uses.

Are you looking for a custom-made platform?

Gestione in cloud is the best solution to help you satisfy any kind of business management need.

Through document management, you can create a shared business process, capable of storing and tracing all pieces of information in real time. It starts from paper or digital documents and it groups and organizes the pieces of information according to logic criteria.

The platform guarantees:

  • Cost reduction
  • Organization of informative and distributive processes
  • Sharing information with all company’s resources
  • Documents’ traceability and availability
  • Simplification of employees, suppliers, and customers’ management …

Whether you are a big or a small company, or have specific needs, Gestione in cloud is the optimal solution to use in different business flows: from the accounting and administrative area to staff management, schedule, vehicle management and much more … up to solutions designed only for you!